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Child Development Media, Inc.

Margie Wagner, M. Ed., is the founder and driving force behind Child Development Media, Inc (CDMI). She has worked with special needs children for thirty years and her passion for working with such children is evident in her commitment to providing superior training and supervision materials. In 1993, she developed CDMI, the world’s largest single source of commercially available books, videos, and curricula on child development. CDMI’s website is a rich resource for educators and professionals, offering resources tailored to all age groups and selected by experts.

Site Resources

Although the site has many, many resources, it is designed for easy navigation. Choose from broad categories of books, videos, curricula, and conferences to get an overview of the top selling and highly recommended videos, such as “Observing Young Children: Learning to Look, Looking to Learn,” book titles such as Play in Practice, or curriculum guides such as “Respecting How Children Learn Through Play.” Find child development conference, seminar, and workshop information on the home page and under the “Conferences” tab. Concise summaries of the materials help practitioners select the resources they can best use.

The Assessment and Planning section of the website contains numerous titles designed to help practitioners better understand the process of assessing and appropriately planning for the education of children. From ages and stages questionnaires to videos explaining the individualized education plan to resources about the autistic child, the titles available here will provide invaluable resources for educators and administrators.

CDMI’s Curricula section is rich in educator resources, from self-directed teacher’s guides to handouts to videos that detail science, math, and visual arts in the classroom. Divided into infant/toddler, preschool, and parent education and guidance sections, the resources are logically categorized for easy navigation, leaving room for “browsing” as well.

The site’s History, Theory and Research section contains works by Erikson, Piaget, Bowlby, and Dewey and others. Rich in both biographical information as well as theory and research, the books and videos here provide excellent sources for a solid groundwork in child development theory.

Infant massage, raising non-violent children, stimulating sensory and motor development, adoption issues, parent involvement in education, and discipline are but some of the varied topics available in the Parenting section of CDMI’s site. Books and videos geared toward an audience of parents from a variety of educational levels provide practitioners a selection of ways to present important parenting information.

The site’s Play section covers playground safety, Piagetian theory of cognitive development, research on the benefits of play, and design principals for children’s play areas. A wide variety of topics are covered here, but they all center on the promotion of play as an important aspect of childhood development.

Child hearing loss, language development, second language learning, sign language, and speech language delay are the topics covered in CDMI’s Language and Communication section. Here you will find resources for parents and educators designed to promote language and communication skills, to use everyday communication to foster these skills, and a basic primer on sign language, among other titles.

Comprehensive Site with Many Titles

The CDMI site contains many, many more titles; the catalogue, available online and in print, is 200 pages long. Browsing this well organized site will result in finding source material you never knew existed, and choosing what titles to order will be hard.

The company offers a thirty day money-back guarantee and secure ordering and encourages site users to contact them with any questions or new materials. While you’re on the site, visit the CDMI blog for summaries of recent studies regarding child development. Plan on spending a lot of time on your first visit to this page; there is a lot to see!

Taking Responsibility – Financial Education

I had a great few days in Spain. The weather was fantastic. When the weather is that good, you feel like staying for good! Our apartment is beside a public park so its great to be able to bring the family for a stroll around the park when the sun is shining. I do now 100% believe that when you have fantastic weather, it definitively does something for your health and well being. I mean, I love the outdoors. Its great to be able to go for a run or a walk and just enjoy the weather. I look forward to going back in the summer when it will be even hotter (not too hot I hope)

Anyways I was working a bit over there on my wife’s laptop. That’s the beauty of an internet business, you can pick your time to work and you can chose where you want to work. It really is the perfect choice for business. (I also am going to buy a stock market investing course soon) as again you can pick when and where you want to do your business as you can buy and sell stocks all completely online also)

While I was online in Spain, I began reading Robert Kiyosaki’s new book ” The Conspiracy of the rich”. Its free from his website and he releases it on a chapter by chapter basic so I have really enjoyed the first three chapters. Anyways he goes to say that whats needed most in our world today is financial education. You see, all these bank bailouts that are happening in the world at the moment is really going to hurt some economies. In my country for example Ireland, we put more that 7 billion euro into 2 of our national banks here. Now we have to borrow that money. ho will end up paying for that loan but us and our children. He goes on to say that’s its time we teach our children how to fish.

Kiyosaki goes on to say that he has always been skeptical of governments. There are always partnerships between business owners and government officials and when bailouts happens, the rich get richer and the poor and middle class end up paying for it. That’s why Kiyosaki’s motto is mind your own business and not the governments. Hire the est accountants and Layers you can to pay the least tax possible (legally) because the tax man will always try to get as much as you will give him

Ultimately it all comes back to ownership. Own your life. Take responsibility. This is your life, write your own ticket. I will spur you on to victory!

Will We Ever Teach Financial Education and Building Wealth Strategies?

Wow, are we getting some one-two punches to our economy or what? Daily in the papers and news are stories of the housing collapse, subprime problems, the stock market dropping, and the shrinking dollar -whew! Yet, we are supposed to remain optimistic and not get sweaty palms…. Right.

Quoted by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki from their new book, “We are losing our middle class, and a shrinking middle class is a threat to the stability of America and to world democracy itself.” Think about that a minute….

The lack of financial education has now come to a head. How did you learn to manage your finances and investments? From your parents, friends, or were you self taught? Unless you went on to college and specifically pursued those areas for career or interest purposes you probably never had a “formal” training or education about the subject. You were never taught about building wealth .

It’s disturbing to hear statistics such as:

o More people will file bankruptcy this year than will graduate from college

o The number 1 resolution this year is to get out of debt – overtaking losing weight for the first time

o Last year there were over 80 million unpaid credit cards in the U.S.

The list goes on, and every American will feel the effects of the global change taking place right now. So, what can we do about it? There are ways to begin solving the problems and it starts with financial education and a mindset to get out of debt.

You can be taught the Six Steps to Freedom, then teach others, who will then teach others, and who knows – maybe it will finally become a part of our school’s curriculum!

o Take an objective assessment of your finances (There are professionals who can assist in developing a plan to restructure your debt, with an objective to get out of debt)

o Minimize your taxes and increase your cash flow

o Create savings and emergency funds

o Ensure proper protection (such as insurances and trusts to name a couple)

o Building wealth for the long term (Fund college accounts and retirement)

o Freedom for life – make your dreams a reality!

Backpacks and Back Pain in Kids

Lunches, textbooks, workbooks, notebooks, gym clothes and more can all quickly make a seemingly harmless book bag a danger to your child’s health. Backpacks are the cause of 60 percent of back pain in children. Before you go back to school shopping this year, here are some things you need to know about backpacks.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, children between the ages of 5-18 account for 6,500 emergency room visits related to carrying a backpack that is too heavy for them. More research indicates that by the end of the school year, nearly 60 percent of all school-aged children will experience at least one episode of lower back pain. Backpacks that are too heavy are responsible for a significant amount of back pain from children ranging in age from elementary school all the way up through college. Common symptoms of poor backpack loading and carrying can include headaches, poor posture, neck pain and shoulder pain or stiffness. Let’s take a look at some tips for backpack safety for kids.

Tips for Backpack Safety for Kids:

A backpack should weigh no more than five to 10 percent of your child’s body weight. A backpack that is too heavy will cause your child to bend forward in an attempt to better support the weight of his/her backpack rather than allow the shoulders and straps to support the weight. Weight is very important when it comes to backpack safety for kids.

Compartments are key. Look for a backpack with compartments to effectively pack your child’s bag. You won’t have to worry about your child’s lunch being flattened under their textbooks.

When packing a backpack, make sure your child places items that are bulky or pointy away from the back of the backpack. An uneven surface rubbing against your child’s back will be uncomfortable and can lead to painful blisters.

Encourage your child to use both shoulder straps on their backpack, not just one. A backpack that is only supported with one strap disproportionately shifts all of the weight of the bag to one side of your child. This can cause lower back pain as well as neck and muscle spasms. Using two straps in key in backpack safety for kids.

Opt for a backpack with padded shoulder straps. Padded shoulder straps are definitely more comfortable and they will not dig into your child’s shoulders.

Shoulder straps should be adjustable. This will make it easier to find a backpack that properly fits your child. Straps that are too loose can cause your child’s backpack to dangle and be uncomfortable. This can cause misalignment and pain in your child’s back.

Talk to your child’s school. If your child’s bookbag continues to be too heavy despite taking every precaution to save your child’s back, it may be possible to leave the heavy books at school and work from workbooks and handouts at home.

Talk to your kids about using their backpacks correctly. Make sure your children know how to properly wear their backpacks. Help them to understand why carrying too much stuffy or why only using one strap is bad for their backs. Children, who are educated about the importance of backpack ergonomics early on, can carry these lessons with them through high school, college and beyond.If you have questions about backpack safety for kids or your child has complained of back pain, contact a chiropractor today. Your child and family may benefit from chiropractic care.

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Anti Ageing Skin Products – Look Better at Any Age

It is never too early to start a consistent skin care program. If you invest in high quality anti ageing skin products, you will quickly see your skin smooth and even out. This is a great way to not only ease the severity of wrinkles but to protect your skin from forming skin spots, adult onset acne, and more wrinkles. The following are just some of the things that such products can offer you.

Anti ageing products are great because they can make wrinkles and lines fade. This is because such products can stimulate collagen growth. This in turn will lessen the look of wrinkles and make you look that much younger.

Additionally, a consistent skin care program is important because it protects your skin. If you use skin products on a daily basis you will protect against wrinkles and from such unattractive things as sun spots. And of course, since most anti ageing items contain sunscreen, you can be sure to protect yourself from skin cancer too.

And of course, aging isn’t just about wrinkles. Dry skin or yellowish skin can also make you look much older than you are. This is why it is so important to invest in quality anti-ageing skin products as early on as possible. This way you can provide your skin with the best nutrients possible. Skin is just as thirsty as your mouth or the rest of your body: Provide it with nourishment, and you will look that much younger.

The earlier you start an skin care regime, the more results you will see. Once you start using age-focused products, you will skin take on a youthful glow. Really, such products are an invaluable investment.

Benefit From A Car Insurance Comparison

Being a smart consumer is what will get you a lot farther in life. This way, you never have to compromise any quality for better prices, regardless of what the product or service may be. For example, you can also benefit from a car insurance comparison to make sure that you are getting the best of both worlds, as you should be.

It is so unfortunate that far too many people do not take advantage of this and all other opportunities that come their way. They would rather pay full price and not be bothered. But full price when it comes to insurance is far more expensive than you can imagine. Obviously, this is an ongoing service or product which you require every year for as long as you own a vehicle and are driving it on a public road.

Therefore, you have to multiply that amount by several years and factor in increases for inflation and other justifiable reasons like claims or infractions. As you can see, the result will be far more than you probably care to pay.

Now, if you have done your comparison shopping, you might land on some less expensive insurers that will provide you the coverage you want at a rate that can be hundreds of dollars less than you already pay. Now, multiply those savings by the amount of years you may have used as an example above. Certainly, you can find other use for that amount of money!

As well, it is never been easier to do such a comparison than now. With the help of the Internet, this can be a simple task requiring just a few moments out of your life that could turn out to be a present for you each year. These savings can help you find your next vacation or another big-ticket item that you might have been saving up for. By the same token, it can easily pay off other debt.

Of course, for it to really count, your car insurance comparison shopping has to include several examples. Don’t stop at one or two quotations. You need a good amount to really get a full understanding of what is available on the market to drivers, like yourself. Think of it as an investment with a long-term result. This investment will require no money on your part, and only time. But, the return on your investment will be monetary.

Best Small Business Idea – Overwhelm – Get It Out of Your Head

If you are like most businesses owners, you’ve experienced overwhelm in your business at one time or another. Maybe you experience it regularly and for good reason. Hundreds of things are pulling at you at one time. You’ve got marketing going, production to oversee, calls to return, employees that need your advice. It’s never ending right? How do you possibly handle it all?

Most of the small business owners that I talk to keep almost all of these things in their head. I ask them where their business plan is. It’s in their head. I ask where their employee training manual is. It’s in their head. About the only thing that’s written down is their calendar of appointments. Even a lot of their to-dos are in their head. Here’s one simple and powerful way to get out of overwhelm–write it all down.

Your overwhelm is in your head because most of how you run your business is in your head. Start writing it down and you will start having less overwhelm. Start taking a little time each day to document your business processes. Make a list today of the processes that you haven’t recorded. Cover marketing, production, training, accounting, etc.

Then take one of these areas and document it in detail this week. Each week, for the next few weeks document another area. Within a fairly short period of time, you should have at least the basics of marketing procedures, production procedures, client follow up procedures, and employee training procedures in place. In other words, you’ve now got business processes. Processes that you can rely on. Processes you don’t have to think about. Processes that you will use to grow your business without all that overwhelm now that it’s not all in your head.

Multimedia Mobile Phones-Satisfy Your Multimedia Needs

Once considered a luxury, mobile phones have now become an important part of our life. With the advent of the mobile phone, we can speak to anyone from any place in the world. Virtually, mobile phones have endowed us with complete mobility. Even if you are working in your cubicle in your office, or you are walking down the street, you can talk to your sweetheart only with a press of a button. Chat with your friends or check your emails on your mobile phones. Almost all the latest mobile phones support web access and keep you abreast of latest news and other information.

Multimedia mobile phones are one of the most sough-after multimedia gadgets. Unlike entry level mobile phones, multimedia mobile phones offer you a plethora of multimedia features like camera, music, Internet access, gaming and so on. Multimedia mobile phones can be used as good camera devices also. Most of the multimedia mobile phones incorporate a 1.3 or 2 megapixel camera to help you shoot your memorable moments. Of course, some of the high-end mobile phones are equipped with 3 megapixel cameras also. These megapixel cameras come with digital zoom as well as flash facilities (some don’t have the flash feature).

Music is another important feature of the multimedia mobile phones. Multimedia mobile phones carry a music player which can store up to a large number of tracks depending on the size of the memory card. If you want to increase the number of your tracks, you can do it by buying a higher memory card which is easily available in the market nowadays. FM radio is another important feature of the multimedia mobile phones.

If you like to play games, multimedia mobile phones are a very good place to stop. Multimedia mobile phones offer you unmatched gaming experience-Java games, downloadable games are few among them. With the help of WAP, XHTML, 3G, GPRS, EDGE etc. you can access the Internet on your handsets. In a nutshell, multimedia mobile phones are your complete entertainment package.

University of Phoenix – Oklahoma City

The University of Phoenix Oklahoma City Campus is one of the two campuses of the nearly 200 national and international locations of the University of Phoenix that are easily accessible to residents of Oklahoma City, the other being the Norman Learning Center. Located off Interstate-35 at the intersection of Broadway and Main, the campus offers graduate and undergraduate degree programs, MBA, online courses, and continuing adult education masters and bachelors degree programs.

Degree programs are offered in disciplines including nursing and healthcare, business/accounting, human services and criminal justice, while the undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree is offered in Business/Accounting, Business/Administration, Business/e-Business, Business/Information Systems, Business/Management and Management.

The University of Phoenix Oklahoma City Campus offers you flexibility in taking your course. Open enrollment is offered and the online programs are convenient for those who are working. With classes offered online, students aren’t bound by time or location. By attending class once a week and tackling a course at a time, professionals and others engaged in a full-time job could still realize their dream of higher education.

The University of Phoenix also offers flexible financing options – Cash Plan, Third-party Billing Plan, Tuition Reimbursement Plan, Federal Financial Aid Plan, Private Loan Plan and Military Plan. You don’t need to let the bleak economic situation faced by the nation and much of the world dissuades you from pursuing your dream. If you’re staying elsewhere and not anywhere near Oklahoma City, you’ll be glad to know that the University of Phoenix Oklahoma City campus is well-connected to hotels that offer shuttle services.

Online Culinary Career Preparation Options

Obtaining an accredited online education can be done in the culinary field for those who don’t have the time for a traditional training program. Not all areas of study can be completed online so students may need to complete a hybrid training program. These programs are designed to prepare students for their desired career by allowing them to complete some coursework through online programs, and then attend a traditional school for hands on training. Students can pursue a number of exciting careers when they choose to enter into the culinary field. Online education is provided by various schools and colleges, allowing students to obtain an education at a number of levels.

Culinary education programs can be completed at the certificate and degree level, which will allow students to prepare for their individual goals. Training to become a culinary professional will enable students to seek a number of career positions. This can include working as food service chefs, restaurant chefs, caterers, restaurant managers, food service workers, and many other related professions. Training in this field will help to open a world of opportunities for students to choose from.

Accredited online culinary career training is available to students at the certificate, associate, bachelor, and master degree levels of training. Students can complete the level of training that corresponds with their desired career in this field.

  • Certificate training can take students anywhere from several weeks to one year depending on the specific area of study.
  • Associate degrees typically require students to complete two years of accredited training to obtain.
  • Bachelor degree programs will require students to complete four years of online and hands on training.
  • Master degrees in culinary can take an additional two years of coursework and training to obtain.

Students who wish to gain the accredited educational training needed to pursue culinary career can do so at the level of education that fits their individual goals.

When looking to obtain a career in this field there are a number of skills and knowledge that need to be obtained. Students will have the opportunity to study specific courses that relate to the career they long for. Some area of study that may be required can include nutrition, foundations of cooking, portion control, accounting, management, planning, food storage, hospitality training, and much more. By gaining a quality online education in these areas, students will be ready to enter into the workforce and seek employment.

Accredited online schools and colleges are available to offer students the best quality education in their desired field. Online career preparation programs carry full accreditation that is provided by agencies like the American Culinary Federation ( ). Students can ensure they will receive the best training by enrolling in a fully accredited online learning program. Requesting more information from various schools and colleges will help students to choose the one that fits their educational needs and career goals. Students can start by requesting more information and enrolling in the program of their choice today.

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