Will We Ever Teach Financial Education and Building Wealth Strategies?

Wow, are we getting some one-two punches to our economy or what? Daily in the papers and news are stories of the housing collapse, subprime problems, the stock market dropping, and the shrinking dollar -whew! Yet, we are supposed to remain optimistic and not get sweaty palms…. Right.

Quoted by Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki from their new book, “We are losing our middle class, and a shrinking middle class is a threat to the stability of America and to world democracy itself.” Think about that a minute….

The lack of financial education has now come to a head. How did you learn to manage your finances and investments? From your parents, friends, or were you self taught? Unless you went on to college and specifically pursued those areas for career or interest purposes you probably never had a “formal” training or education about the subject. You were never taught about building wealth .

It’s disturbing to hear statistics such as:

o More people will file bankruptcy this year than will graduate from college

o The number 1 resolution this year is to get out of debt – overtaking losing weight for the first time

o Last year there were over 80 million unpaid credit cards in the U.S.

The list goes on, and every American will feel the effects of the global change taking place right now. So, what can we do about it? There are ways to begin solving the problems and it starts with financial education and a mindset to get out of debt.

You can be taught the Six Steps to Freedom, then teach others, who will then teach others, and who knows – maybe it will finally become a part of our school’s curriculum!

o Take an objective assessment of your finances (There are professionals who can assist in developing a plan to restructure your debt, with an objective to get out of debt)

o Minimize your taxes and increase your cash flow

o Create savings and emergency funds

o Ensure proper protection (such as insurances and trusts to name a couple)

o Building wealth for the long term (Fund college accounts and retirement)

o Freedom for life – make your dreams a reality!